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A new market is emerging for anti-terror balustrade. Now, traditional commercial balustrade products are being superseded with more robust systems that can withstand terror threats, such as bomb blasts and gunfire.

Shopping centres, airports and train stations are all examples of where the strongest and safest glass balustrade should be installed.

The MEGAgrip channel is tested to 3.0kN force loading.

Pure Vista’s anti-terror balustrade systems are both derived from our MEGAgrip commercial balustrade system. The enables the simple application of a converter kit to turn any MEGAgrip installation into an anti-terror balustrade system. We took the opportunity to film our product testing for these systems, so you can see the incredible protection that they offer.  These videos are available in the media section of the BLASTguard and BULLETguard product pages. 

With respect to venues that may be at risk of bomb blast attacks, such as music venues, transport hubs and stadiums, it is imperative to consider the implication of the venues’ infrastructure during a blast. Therefore, while it isn’t always possible to predict and protect against the damage caused by a bomb, it is possible to mitigate the risk of shrapnel created when a blast effects the fixtures and fittings within the vicinity. Pure Vista’s bomb-resistant balustrade BLASTguard has performed exceptionally well during testing, far exceeding the requirement for holding the glass panels in place during a bomb blast by not allowing the glass to move (or even break!) at all.

Pure Vista have also pioneered a bullet-proof glass balustrade called BULLETguard. Incredibly, when used with the right glass type this system will completely stop a 5.56mm NATO bullet when fired from 10 metres. For this reason,  it’s an ideal system to put in place when there is a need to protect a particular person or group of people from an attacker concealed within a crowd.

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