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Sustainability at Pure Vista

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Sustainability at Pure Vista

About our sustainability habits

Pure Vista is based in the beautiful town of Bodmin, in Cornwall. We are particularly aware of environmental issues and how small changes can make us more sustainable. Our office is close to the Bodmin and Wenford railway track and we enjoy listening to the steam train chugging by a few times a day. We are also in the middle of a busy farm, many horses and cows reside here as well as chickens, cats and dogs. Cornwall is famous for its outstanding natural beauty and good sustainability track record. In 2021 the G7 summit was held just down the road from us, where the world leaders gathered to discuss and plan global sustainability issues. This had a major impact on the tourism market and Cornwall is now in full tourist mode.

In the Pure Vista office, we are easily able to recycle everyday items, similar to any household, such as milk bottles, plastics, paper, cardboard, magazines etc. This gets collected up by the local recycling team every other week along with the recycling from the farm residents and holiday cottages.

The small things make a big difference. In the office we use a waste paper basket and open the windows instead of turning on the air conditioning. We also use plastic-free tea bags, because trust me…we go through a lot of tea bags! Our office is relatively small, but we have a selection of real plants. They help keep our air clean and increase productivity, and we know that plants make us happy!

We are as paperless as we can be, making the most of emails to send invoices and order confirmations to our customers. Being paperless has become the norm for many businesses and we have no problem continuing this. Limiting our printing use to stickers and packing notes for our warehouse team.

The Covid-19 pandemic did throw a massive spanner in the works for us (along with everybody else!). Keeping windows and doors open became a safety requirement to keep the air fresh for office employees and visitors. Many of our people ended up working from home where necessary, massively reducing travel times. One member of staff has now committed herself to walking into work each day, no matter the weather! A courageous promise in our Cornish climate. Others are able to car share, again reducing car usage. The pandemic also delayed and eventually stopped plans for new products and packaging designs, these are slowly ramping up again as businesses open and catch up with 18 months of setbacks. There has been huge growth in the domestic market for balustrade as people have the time and resources to create new gardens and take on more projects at home. We pride ourselves as being the best stockist of balustrade in the UK but even we have been tested while keeping up with demand these last few months.


Our products are made from Aluminium which is an infinitely recyclable metal. This means it can be used and recycled over and over again as many times as required. Aluminium is currently used in products such as drinks cans, food tins and the Pure Vista balustrade systems. The balustrade we manufacture is almost certainly made from recycled products. We are also able to recycle our off-cuts. These are created when we have to cut a balustrade to a certain size, leaving us with a small length of unusable balustrade. This can be collected and recycled back into something new for example, it could end up as a cola can or in a smart phone but it could also end up in a plane or a rocket!

What’s next?

We are working on ideas to make our packaging more environmentally friendly and recyclable. At the moment our packaging includes plastic and cardboard. In the past we tried only cardboard, which was recyclable, but was unsuitable for the job it needed to do, resulting in damaged products and packaging. But, we’ll keep trying!

The next stage for us, is to implement and use plastics which can be recycled. However, we are worried that when our package arrives on a bustling building site, the waste is disposed of without a consideration of recycling. To reduce this and encourage recycling, we are planning to add “recycle me” labels to our recyclable packaging.

Working on being more paperless, creating our emissions by changing our travel habits and continuing to work with an infinitely recycled product is helping us on the way to becoming more sustainable.

We are working on becoming a more sustainable organisation, our small changes are just the beginning. We are not perfect but we do hope to be able to make significant changes throughout our supply chain to encourage more sustainability in the future throughout our organisation and the glass industry.

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