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Spig-Lite Pro – Adjustable Frameless Glass Spigot System

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Spig-lite Pro has been specifically designed for domestic balustrade fitting, glass fencing and partitioning, both internal and externally. Our new design has been developed with a strong focus upon ease of installation and aesthetics.

This Patented Glass Solution demonstrates a greater percentage of glass visibility. Spig-Lite Pro can be bolted directly into the substructure without the need for channel, ensuring a flawless appearance.
Another complimentary benefit of Spig-Lite Pro is the free-flow natural drainage system, eradicating the added expense and design complications of drainage installation. Our channel free spigot system allows a 32mm gap between substructure and glass allowing the free-flowing dispersal of water.

With only two Spigots required per meter of glass and only one single bolt fixing per spigot this system is one of the fastest systems to install on the market. Mechanised by our trapezoidal adjustment device, each individual panel of glass can be horizontally adjusted once in position, guaranteeing accurate and effectual installation.

  • Only 2 Spigots and fixings required per metre

Extremely quick to install, elongated holes to allow for easy alignment

  • No Need to drill the Glass

Our glass clamping mechanism removes the need to hold the glass with locking pins

  • No drainage issues

Free draining between the spigots means no water gets trapped inside the balcony area

  • Uses the proven adjustment system as Posi-Glaze

Horizontal alignment of each glass panel, ensuring the top edge of the glass is equal

Glass Pool Fencing

To create an elegant surround to any swimming pool, a frameless glass style fence is a fantastic way to achieve a low maintenance safety barrier around the pool.

The Spig-Lite Pro glass spigot system can accommodate glass thicknesses from 12mm to 21.5mm giving a choice on the final design. Glass gates can be added to the surround for additional security. The design of the Spig-Lite Pro system means it is free draining so excess pool water will not become trapped against the glass.

How many Spigots do I need per panel of glass?
You need a minimum of 2 spigots per panel up until 1000mm wide.
Once the glass is between 1000mm-1500mm you will need 3 Spig-Lite Pro’s, we do not recommend fitting panels over 1500mm in this system.

What glass can I use?
Our Spig-Lite Pro adjustable glass spigot system is designed for domestic/residential installations.
We have had our adjustable glass spigots tested using 12mm toughened, 15mm toughened and 21.5mm toughened laminated glass.
Externally where there is a drop of 600mm or greater; 15mm and 21.5mm will need to be used. Internally or where there is a drop of less than 600mm, 12mm glass can be used.

We have tested the product to achieve the required loadings as below:
12mm Toughened up to 0.36kN
15mm Toughened up to 0.74kN
21.5mm Laminated EVA up to 0.74kN

Do I need a Handrail?
Only on Monolithic glass types.
If using 21.5mm toughened laminate glass a handrail can be omitted.

What colour are they?
The Spigots are currently only available in a graphite grey finish. We checked various colours to find ones which are least obtrusive and work best with the most fixing materials.

What substrate can I install on?
We recommend installing on to a minimum of C25 concrete or 8mm steel.

How many bolts do I require?
Each Spig-lite Pro has one hole for one bolt. They are drilled elongated to allow for front to back positioning to make it easier lining the glass through.

What bolts should I use?
M12 hex head bolts





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