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Origin-R Base Drilled Channel 3000mm


3000mm length of the Origin-R Side drilled channel.

Glass can be resined in or using the glass wedge kit.
Glass Not Included

Product Description

Our Origin-R Glass balustrade system is designed to take loads up to 1.5kN. It is a simple dry glaze wedge glass balustrade system to lock the glass into place.
A Co-Extruded top bead is placed on the system to give it a sleek finish and the profile is silver anodised to give it protection.
It is possible to wet glaze glass into this balustrade system using the correct resin/polysulphide sealant.

The Origin-R system is a low-cost glass balustrade channel.

The system can be curved to a 1 metre radius.

Origin-R is:
Slim Yet Strong – Achieves 1.5kN loading to BS Standards
Anodised for Protection
Base and Side Mount Available
Suits Domestic and Light Commercial Installations
Can be Dry or Wet Glazed
Takes 12mm – 21.5mm glass