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View our POSIglaze spare parts below. For delivery to highlands or overseas please contact us for a quote inclusive of shipping costs.

Full POSIglaze product information can be found here.

POSIglaze Black Brushed Pre-Fab Corner

POSIglaze Silver Brushed Pre-Fab Corner

POSIglaze Black Flat Plate End Cap

POSIglaze Silver Knock-in End Cap

POSIglaze Silver Flat Plate End Cap

POSIglaze Clamp Kit

POSIglaze Silver Brushed Top Bead Cladding Insert

POSIglaze Silver Brushed Side Cladding

POSIglaze Silver Brushed Top Bead

POSIglaze Silver Brushed Bottom Cladding

POSIglaze Co-Extruded Gasket

Channel Joining Dowels

Drain Block 

Base Fix

Horseshoe Shim Kit

Drain Block Side Fix

POSIglaze Black Brushed Side Cladding

POSIglaze Black Brushed Top Bead

POSIglaze Black Brushed Bottom Cladding

Timber Fixing Plate

POSIglaze Silver brushed pre-fab Side-Fix Corner


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