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Pure Vista Bullet Guard

Bullet Resistant Glass Balustrade

Product Safety is at the heart of all our designs. Ensuring products are of the highest quality and do exactly what they are meant to do.
We put our products through the most stringent tests to ensure they meet local building regulations

We have undertaken further testing on our Mega-Grip retail glass balustrade systems and now we are able to offer a ballistic resistant glass balustrade solution.

The result is a free standing glass panel held solely within a base shoe, there is no posts or rails meaning maximum visibility is achieved whilst protecting. The benefits to having such a screen means there is no feeling of uneasiness for the public whilst they are still protected.

The Pure Vista Bullet Guard System achieves an FB5(NS) rating. The testing was carried out on the bullet resistant balustrade in accordance with EN1522 and EN1523.

The Pure Vista Bullet Guard system does not require any additional fitting material compared to the MegaGrip channel however a specific glass type must be used with the system to provide bullet protection screens.
The system gives an elegant finish whilst being able to protect. Bolted to Concrete or steel the system is able to be 1800mm high and take loads where it can be used for edge protection or a screen able to provide safety for a speaker or delegate.