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Pure Vista Balcony Seal

Balcony Seal is Pure Vista’s revolutionary product to providing a solution to waterproofing a glass balustrade installation.
The most common issue for installers is having to find a way of effectively stopping water ingress when fitting a glass balustrade to a building that is already in place.

The Balcony Seal system allows the installation of our Posi-Glaze glass balustrade system to be installed onto a flat roof removing the risk of water tracking down the main fixing bolts.
The drainblocks have notches on the top side which locates into the rebates of the Posi-Glaze glass balcony system. This allows for very quick and easy alignment when carrying out the installation.

RBlock 1
Water Balustrade Seal
Pure Vista Balcony Seal
Balustrade Water Proofing Pure Vista