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SPIG-LITEpro Graphite Grey Top Bead & Co-Extruded Gasket

Top bead uses a tongue in groove system to fix along the top edge(s) of your SPIG-LITEpro spigots to create a tidy finish, hiding the internal mechanism of the balustrade system whilst helping to prevent water and debris from getting inside. The installation is then finished with our co-extruded gasket to create a flush finish between the top bead and the glass.


To be used alongside the SPIG-LITEpro Graphite Grey Spigot


SPIG-LITEpro is compatible with the following glass thicknesses: 12mm/15mm/17.5mm/21.5mm. It is vital that you carefully check the building regulations for your project before choosing your glass thickness. Your glass thickness selection will determine the top bead and gasket configuration supplied.


We stock a small variety of widths of SPIG-LITEpro Graphite Grey Top Bead & Co-Extruded Gasket which are configured to your glass width selection on a case by case basis.


Top Bead Dimensions:
Wide: W = 32mm
H = 12.1mm
L = 98mm


1x Length of Graphite Grey Top Bead, to suit your glass thickness selection
1x Length of Co-Extruded Gasket, to suit your glass thickness selection


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