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SPIG-LITEadvanced Spigot

Our patented spigot based balustrade system can be bought as individual spigots in a graphite grey finish, anodised to 25 microns for protection against corrosion. Only two spigots are required per metre of glass. You can also buy this product as a complete kit (including fixtures and fittings) for a 1-metre installation. Please ensure that you select your chosen colour at check out. For comparison the first two images in the gallery are graphite Grey and the third image is Raw Aluminium.


Suitable for base fixing to concrete or steel, indoors or outdoors.
Can achieve up to 0.74kN according to the installation configuration, please refer to the SPIG-LITEadvanced product page for further details.


SPIG-LITEadvanced is compatible with the following glass thicknesses: 12mm/15mm/17.5mm/21.5mm. It is vital that you carefully check the building regulations for your project before choosing your glass thickness.

As a guide, the following glass configurations and force loading can be achieved with SPIG-LITEadvanced:

12mm Toughened glass with a handrail 0.36kN (internal)
15mm Toughened glass with a handrail 0.74kN (external/drop over 600mm)
21.5mm Toughened Laminate (PVB) with no handrail 0.74kN (external/drop over 600mm)

L = 125.5mm

W = 86.27mm
H = 136.89mm

If you need assistance to determine the glass thickness, please give our team a call.


1x SPIG-LITEadvanced Spigot

This product is available in graphite grey. Please note that raw Aluminium should be powder coated or treated in order to prevent corrosion.


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