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SPIG-LITEadvanced BALCONYseal Kit

BALCONYseal® is a revolutionary product that provides a solution to waterproofing on a SPIG-LITEadvanced balcony installation. It comprises of drain blocks that sit underneath the SPIG-LITEadvanced spigots before the spigot is fixed into place. The drain blocks are subsequently filled with sealant to create a fully waterproofed balustrade installation. For further assistance please read the installation guide. These systems are designed to work only with Pure Vista products, variations of BALCONYseal exist for POSIglaze channel.



This drain block is only compatible with the  SPIG-LITEadvanced spigot. We also stock a POSIglaze BALCONYseal kit.


SPIG-LITEadvanced is compatible with the following glass thicknesses: 12mm/15mm/17.5mm/21.5mm.


BALCONYseal Drain Block Dimensions:
W = 80.15mm
H = 11mm
L = 128.20mm


Specified number of Drain Block

1 X Sealant

Each tube of sealant will be sufficient for 6 spigots.  Please ensure you select the correct amount of kits for spigots that you will be fitting.

Spigots are not included.



Excluding VAT


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