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POSIone Slider Kit

A unique feature of Pure Vista’s patented balustrade systems is the ease of fitting which can partly be attributed to the glass clamping mechanism. When fitting our balustrade channels, the glass is clamped prior to inserting it into the channel, which not only protects the bottom edge of the glass during installation but makes aligning the glass within the channel much easier.


To be used alongside any POSIone channel.


POSIone is compatible with glass thicknesses between 12mm – 21.5mm. Your clamp kit is tailored to your glass thickness selection.


This clamp kit is available to suit a choice of channel lengths: 3-metre.
Please select the glass thickness that you will be using with the clamp kit so we can include the correct size glass clamps in your kit.


Our 3-metre POSIglaze Clamp Kit contains the following number of clamps according to your glass thickness selection: 12-13mm glass = 9 clamps / 15-21.5mm glass = 9 clamps / 21.5mm glass to achieve 1.50kN = 12 clamps / 21.5mm Pyro Guard = 9 Clamps

Both kits also include sufficient bolts and bars to complete the installation.

Please note: If you are ordering for 6-metre lengths of channel you will need to order 2 X 3 metre kits for each length of 6-metre.


Excluding VAT


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