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POSIglaze Black Side Drilled Channel Kit

Our best-selling patented balustrade channel comes as a complete kit to include all the parts you’ll require for installation. Full product information is available on the POSIglaze product page. You are viewing our POSIglaze Black Side Drilled Channel Kit, we also stock POSIglaze Silver Brushed Base Drilled Channel Kit, POSIglaze Black Brushed Base Drilled Channel Kit and POSIglaze Silver Brushed Side Drilled Kit and you can also buy this product as POSIglaze Natural Anodised Side Drilled Channel (without the kit).


Suitable for side fixing to concrete or steel, indoors or outdoors.
Can achieve up to 1.50kN according to the installation configuration, please refer to the POSIglaze product page for further details.


POSIglaze is compatible with glass thicknesses between 12mm – 21.5mm.


This channel kit is available in a choice of lengths; 1.5-metre, 3-metre or 6-metre lengths.
Please select the glass thickness that you will be using with the channel so we can include the correct size glass clamps in your kit.

3m kits come with black anodised side drilled channel, this means the bottom side of the channel is black when viewed from beneath.


Kit Dimensions (exc. Bottom Cladding):
W = 74mm
H = 120mm
L = 1500mm / 3000mm / 6000mm


1x Length of natural anodised Aluminium side drilled channel, as ordered (3m kits come with full black anodised channel incl. black underneath)
1x Length of black brushed Aluminium top bead, to fit the channel
1x Length of black brushed side cladding, to fit the channel
Clamps according to channel length and glass thickness:
1.5m kit: 12-13mm glass includes 5 clamps per kit, 15-21.5mm glass thickness include 6 clamps per kit and to achieve 1.50kN with 21.5mm glass the kit includes 8 clamps per kit
3m kit: 12-13mm glass includes 9 clamps per kit, 15-19mm glass thickness include 12 clamps per kit and to achieve 1.50kN with 21.5mm glass the kit includes 15 clamps per kit
1x Roll of co-extruded gasket to fit the channel
1x POSIglaze 10mm spanner

Optional: Black Bottom Cladding in 3m lengths. For 6-metre kits you will receive 2 lengths of 3m black bottom cladding.


Please note, the main channel is natural anodised but this will be covered with the black cladding and top bead. For complete coverage you will also need to purchase Black Bottom Cladding, this will ensure the bottom of the natural anodised channel is not seen. Black Bottom Cladding is only available in 3m lengths.

More technical details can be found here. 


Excluding VAT


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