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POSIglaze Balcony Seal Kit

The patented POSIglaze BALCONYseal® Kit is a revolutionary product that provides a solution to both water drainage and waterproofing on a balcony installation. It comprises of drain blocks that sit underneath the balustrade channel. Notches on the top side of the drain blocks locate into the rebates of the POSIglaze channel, locking it into position before the system is bolt-fixed to the substrate through each drain block. The gaps between the drain block are your water drainage channels. The drain blocks are subsequently filled with sealant to create a fully waterproofed balustrade installation.


Can be used on any POSIglaze base fixed channel. We also stock a SPIG-LITEadvanced Balcony Seal Kit.


Compatible with glass thicknesses between 12mm – 21.5mm.


Balcony Seal Drain Block Dimensions:
W = 72mm
H = 10mm
L = 90mm


Sold as a 3-metre kit containing:
15x Balcony Seal Drain Blocks
2x Tubes of Sealant


15 X Balcony Seal Drain Blocks (without sealant)



Excluding VAT


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