Handrail 90-Degree Joiner

A handrail can be used to provide an extra safety measure to meet building regulations for your project. Pure Vista’s balustrade systems have been designed to be completely frameless, so when used with the correct glass type no posts or handrail are required. However, if a non-laminated glass is used with our balustrade systems handrail may be required by building regulations. Use this handrail 90-degree joiner when you are connecting two pieces of handrail together on a corner, for a seamless installation.


To be used alongside the Slot Tube Handrail, on any Pure Vista balustrade system.


Compatible with glass thicknesses between 12mm-21.5mm


Joiner dimensions:
⌀ = 39mm
L = 81mm x 81mm


1x Handrail 90-Degree Joiner


Excluding VAT

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