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Posi-Glaze – Frameless Adjustable Glass Balustrade


Posi-Glaze is one the most technically advanced Aluminium Balustrade Channel Systems on the market today. Whilst developing this system, we determined that the fundamental drawback with balustrade products was the lack of ability to adjust the glass panels individually, once set into position.
Posi-Glaze is the perfect choice for residential to light commercial installations where a 1.5kN frameless glass balustrade is desired.

Our high specification glass clamping mechanism locks glass panels into position effortlessly with four immobilising fasteners, per meter of channel.  Thus making it possible to realign and even disassemble each individual panel, even after installation, should the need arise.

The archaic and somewhat cumbersome slide and wedge system of old, doesn’t give the installer the capacity to disassemble a single glass panel once the system is in place.

With our innovational market leading clamping system, you have the versatility not only to install each glass panel as a separate component.  But with the use of a trapezoidal adjustment mechanism it is possible to horizontally align each individual panel of glass to create an immaculate and seamless finish.

Posi-Glaze is:

  • The fastest system to install.
  • Achieves 1.5kN loading to BSi Standards in both base and side mount.
  • Designed to be installed without the need for the fitting surface to be level, saving time and money for the installer.
  • Uses an adjustment system allowing horizontal alignment of every individual glass panel.
  • Light weight and extremely strong, for added protection we anodise our system increasing protection against the elements, additionally allowing you a wider choice of finishes.
  • Precision engineered: Our system is tested and engineered to meet the strictest building regulation standards (with the appropriate fixing and glass thickness) in both domestic and commercial installations.
  • It can be fitted in a wide variety of applications, from domestic to light commercial environments.

Glass Juliet/French Balustrade
Glass Juliet/French balconies are a type of glass balustrade that are fitted to a first floor window, directly outside a set of French doors, as a safety feature. This allows the French doors to be opened securely, thus emitting light and fresh air into the room within a stylish translucent framework.

Posi-Glaze frameless glass balustrade system is available in a side fixed option, which means the balustrade channel can be fixed underneath the French doors or windows. When using the correct glass type no handrail is needed on the top of the glass giving an un-intruded view through your frameless glass Juliet/French balcony.

Glass Windbreak
Frameless glass windbreaks are a very popular choice for buildings that are perhaps situated in a scenic area where it can sometimes be breezy.

Posi-Glaze glass balustrade system can be used as a windbreak and has no posts or handrails which means you can enjoy the scenery as nature intended whilst also providing protection from the elements.

Since the Posi-Glaze system is a dry-glaze adjustable system, it is possible for the glass to be angled, using a small bolt mechanism situated on either side of the glass. This ensures each glass panel aligns together in perfect symmetry, creating a flawless finish to your glass balustrade windbreak.

We have tested the Posi-Glaze system to a height of 1350mm for domestic installations without the use of a handrail.

Glass Privacy Screen
It is now a common feature to have a privacy screen as part of a balcony installation so as not to overlook onto neighbouring properties. Glass privacy screens are tall, usually 1800mm or over, and use an opaque glass type. The Posi-Glaze glass balustrade system is designed to incorporate a privacy screen allowing the overall finish of the balcony to perfectly complement one another.

Due to the extra height of the privacy screen, additional glass fittings are required to benefit the safety of the structure. For shorter lengths discreet glass clamps can be fitted, however, for longer installations, a fixed rail may be required.

Where can the frameless system be installed?

Our systems can be installed internally or externally in a number of different scenarios on both residential and commercial projects.  This system is most commonly used in the implementation of external balustrades.

It has been designed to meet the BSI required loading regulations.

What height of glass do I need to order?
On Average the system sits the glass 22mm from the underside of the channel so to reach 1100mm high using base fixed PosiGlaze we suggest ordering 1080mm high glass.

Glass Deductions are as follows:
12mm – 24.5mm
13.5mm – 22.5mm
15mm – 23mm
17.5mm – 22.5mm
19mm – 21.5mm
21.5mm – 22.5mm

How easy is Posi-Glaze to fit?

One of our key objectives when designing this product was to manufacture a system that is fast and simple to install.  The system even has an innovative adjustment mechanism that allows the glass to be altered once in-situ without the need for specialist tools.

How is it possible to adjust the Posi-Glaze system?

The key design feature is our patented adjustable clamping system.  Each individual glass panel can be effortlessly attuned to perfect symmetry once in place, with the use of a trapezoidal bolt.

Installation Substructures?

Our system is only as strong as the structure it’s installed into, therefore a suitable substructure must be in place.  We have recommendations for various fixing scenarios which can be found on our technical page.  If you have any queries regarding installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are always happy to advice you or alternatively contact your local structural engineer.

Do I need to have handrail on top of the glass?

In recent years the UK has seen an increase in the use of glass balustrades without the installation of handrails. BS 6180:2011 clarifies these issues, which we have listed below, if you need any clarification please contact your local building control.

  • If using toughened glass a handrail must also be used, in addition it must be adequately secured to act as a secondary barrier should the glass fail i.e. the handrail should remain in-situ if a panel breaks.
  • If toughened laminate glass is used then it is permissible to have no handrail as long as the following aspects are put into place;
  • The glass used must meet the design load, this will be a; line load, uniformly distributed load and a point load test (detailed within BS 6180:2011.)
  • Manufacturers of glass, have to provide the technical requirements on required glass thickness on meeting the required loadings.
  • Should a panel break and not meet the required criteria then guarding must be fitted immediately.
  • The glass selected must resist the appropriate design load and provide containment.

Does the aluminium have to be visible?

One of the many attributes to our system is that it can be installed in a number of different developments.  It can be sunken into the floor so only the glass is on show or it can be fitted so the anodised aluminium is on display.

We also offer a side-drilled option which can be installed to balconies so the aluminium channel is only visible from ground level, thus allowing for a pellucid panoramic Pure Vista.

Do you offer a fitting service?

Currently, we only manufacture and supply our products.  However, we do work closely with a number of installation specialists across the UK.  Therefore, if you do require this service, we would be happy to supply you with contact details of your local installers.

On the other hand if you are an installer looking to work with us to fit our products please get in contact with us;

Can the frameless systems be fitted on the side or on the base of the channel?

Simply yes!  Our system has been created with the knowledge that some fitting situations would require it to be side fitted.  For this reason we have had the channel made with the holes either running through the base of the channel or the sides (both) of the channel.

How is the aluminium protected?

To protect the metal against the elements we get the aluminium anodised to 20 microns.

Do your systems allow for drainage?

If there is a requirement for drainage we can supply drainage packers that fit in-between the channel and the sub structure.

Do I have to clean the aluminium?

We recommend you do clean the aluminium with warm soapy water that has no corrosive properties, this should not need to be done more than twice a year.  More information can be found in our downloads section.

Do you offer other finishes to the aluminium channel?

Our products can be anodised to a variety of colours, but as standard we produce our Balustrade systems in a stainless steel effect.  Colour modifications are price specific, so please contact us directly for a quote.

Another option is powder coating the aluminium.  Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing dry powder.  The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form.

A huge range of colours are available through the RAL colour chart.  There may be colour variations per paint batch, so it is important for aesthetic effect that each order is treated collectively.

We do not supply pre-coated aluminium, as the risk of handling greatly increases the probability of damage to the pre-coating.