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If you need a frameless system with a higher loading capacity Origin-Grip is the solution.

The Origin-Grip System will enhance any development it is built into.  The strength and perfect simplicity of this system renders it the only choice, when comparing it to the contrasting traditional cumbersome post and rail systems that hold the same strength.

The Origin-Grip Profile:

  • Fast and Easy to install
  • Easy to remove or replace glass
  • 3Kn Line loading to British Standards
  • Can accommodate a range of toughened or laminated glass options up to 25.5mm (1”) thickness
  • Fully tested
  • Meets local and national building codes and standards

Origin-Grip can accommodate a range of glass sizes in numerous methodologies, meeting 3kN in a diverse range of applications.  The table below demonstrates varying examples of the extensive range of developments Origin-Grip has been tested:

Glass 0,74kn 0,80kn 1,50kn 3,00kn
A 15mm
B 15mm
C 15mm
D 15mm
E 15mm
F 15mm
G 15mm

origin-grip-load-a origin-grip-load-b origin-grip-load-c origin-grip-load-d origin-grip-load-e origin-grip-load-f origin-grip-load-g

What is Origin-Grip?

Origin-Grip was our first product release.  Our ultimate endeavour when designing this product was to set a president in Balustrade design and to provide the market with a superior frameless style balustrade system.  Its sophisticated drive-in-wedge system ensures for fast and effortless installation.

What is Origin-Grip Suitable for?

Although this product is suitable for all balustrading solutions, it was primarily designed for heavy commercial projects and this is where its superiority lies.

What thickness glass can I use?

The Origin-Grip channel can suit; 12mm, 13.5mm, 15mm, 17.5mm, 19mm, 21mm, 25mm, 25.5mm.

What are the benefits of Origin-Grip over Posi-Glaze?

Origin-Grip allows a much higher loading capacity on glass panels and therefore is more suitable for commercial use.  Alternatively, if you are looking for more of an aesthetic and intricate design, Origin-Grip has the capacity to curve, so can be used if there are requirements for a curvature construction.

Can you wet glaze the Origin-Grip system?

Wet Glazing is when a channel is bolted into position and the glass is held into place by a sequence of wedges running along the outside of the shaft.  The cavity is then filled with grout or resin.  After drying, the wedges are subsequently removed and the cladding placed over the top of the construction.

Origin-Grip works flawlessly in a wet-glaze design process.