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MEGA-Grip 3kN Adjustable Commercial Balustrade

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The Heavy-Duty Solution for Commercial Glass Balustrade

Continuing to strive and further develop our product-base.  We have modified our successful State-of-the-Art System; Posi-Glaze, and are proud to launch Mega-Grip; The Heavy-Duty Commercialised and Fully Adjustable 3Kn Frameless Balustrade System.

Mega-Grip’s motive for development was to create a product that primarily focuses upon Public Safety and Durability in large commercial constructs.

We have taken the pioneering design features of Posi-Glaze and industrialised it to produce a reinforced specification.  Mega-Grip has been produced specifically for vulnerable public spaces such as; Stadiums, Shopping Centers, Public Transportation Zones, Theaters and other such areas susceptible to a high profile of people traffic.

Expanding upon Pure-Vista’s existing signature design superlatives.  Seamless aesthetics and uncomplicated installation still remain a key feature of this product.   But, in today’s current climate, we have identified the need for a more robust system, in order to facilitate public safety and to stand resilient within crowded spaces – Provoking Safety through Strength of Design.

Our latest patented design uses a 13mm Hex Bolt, making it incredibly easy to adjust and fix the glass with a 1/4inch torque wrench and extension arm.  This also means it is possible to install the glass from one side.

Another key feature of Mega-Grip is it works with a multitude of glass thicknesses simply by changing the internal clamps, thus allowing frameless solutions with various laminated glass types.

MegaGrip has also been tested for resistance against blasts. The system has passed the ASIAD Classes 1 & 2 (in accordance to ISO: 16933:2007) where the glass remain upright after after an explosion. This system is called Pure Vista Blast Guard, follow the link for more information.

Mega-Grip Product Specification:

  • 3kN Loading:

Starting with the slimmest glass; 25mm varying up to 33mm thickness (10+10+10), all withstand loadings of over 3kN with a deflection of less than 25mm.

  • Simple to install:
  • Using our innovative Glass Clamping System:
    • The glass can be fitted into the clamps before securing within the channel.
    • The glass is fastened into position and adjusted using our patented Hook-Lock System.
    • A torque bar can then be used to fix the glass in place from the top of the channel.
  • Aesthetically Durable:
  • We have our channel anodised to 20 micron to protect it against corrosion as well as our stainless steel components which are all grade 316/A4. Our system is finished in a brushed stainless steel effect.
  • No Specialist Tools Required:
  • Standard 13mm socket used to adjust and lock the glass into position.
  • Achieves worldwide Safety Standards:
  • Has been tested to achieve building regulation standards worldwide.Glass Windbreak
    Glass windbreaks have been designed for public areas such as bars and restaurants, Outdoor areas which would benefit from a level of protection against the wind without destroying the overall ambience of the setting. However, the increased load requirement often means the glass is fixed using posts and rails. Installing Mega-Grip as a windbreak will further enhance any outdoor area offering an aesthetic translucent modern finish with the added incentive of protection against the elements.

    The MEGA-Grip frameless glass balustrade system has been engineered for commercial balustrade installations including the use of tall glass screens. Using MEGA-Grip as a glass windbreak the glass panels can be up to 1800mm high but still achieve a load of 1.5kN/m. It is a very simple system to install using a 13mm socket and torque wrench. Being a dry-glaze balustrade/windbreak system, it is fully adjustable ensuring each panel of glass aligns in perfect symmetry.

    Do I need MegaGrip on my house?
    No. MegaGrip is for commercial installations, it is a heavy section to take loads required in highly populated areas.

    What glass do I need to reach the 3kN commercial loading?
    All glass types in the system reach 3kN at 1100mm high fixed to either steel or concrete. 25mm toughened, 25.52mm SentryGlas, 31.52mm PVB or 33mm PVB.

    What are the bolt centres?
    The bolt centres in this system are 100mm from the end and 200mm centres, a total of 15 bolts are required.

    What bolts should I use?
    M12 countersunk head bolts 10.9 strength
    Resin anchors must be used with a countersunk head.
    For the speed of drying and cleanliness of the install we used Fischer RG 18 x 125 M rods with Fischer RSB 16 Superbond capsules.

    How far from the edge of the concrete can I install the channel?
    We recommend a minimum edge distance of 75mm

    Do I need a handrail on the glass?
    A handrail is not required if you are using a toughened laminated glass with the appropriate interlayer.
    Please see our test report or contact us for the correct glass types to use. Or contact us for more details.

    Can I have it in a different colour?
    Yes it is possible to have the channel anodised to a specific colour. Let us know your requirements so we can provide a quotation. There will be a lead time on the colouring which we can discuss.