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     All standard options are available such are low-iron glass, screen printing,            shaping and drilling, etc.

     Each panel will be checked by us to ensure it arrives on site to your high standard

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Please check your configuration meets building regulations. Only where our balustrade systems are being used are we able to assist.


See our most asked glass-related questions

To order glass please call us or email us with your requirements. You will need to provide us rough measurements in mm to receive a quote. Before we take any payment you will need to complete and sign a glass measurements form. We will then use this form to order the panel sizes you specify. 

We will then let you know when your glass is ready to collect or be delivered. 

According to British building regulations you can have a gap up to 99mm. Any larger becomes unsafe and will not be passed off by building control. We recommend a gap of 5-10mm wide, this looks very aesthetically pleasing. 

Most installers use 10mm gaps between the glass panels. If you are more confident this can be slimmed down to a min. of 5mm.

Consideration must be taken into account for the tolerances in manufacture and heat expansion.

Toughened laminated glass does not require a handrail so long as the meets the load requirements

When using toughened glass; there is a fall and the balustrade is being used as edge protection and handrail is required.

For an external balustrade where there is a fall the minimum height is 1100mm from finished floor. Internally the minimum height is 900mm

On stairs is it between 900-1000mm – the top of the glass/handrail should be no higher than 1000mm.

Privacy screens, usually the returns of balconies are suggested to be min. 1800mm high. We have recommendations how to make these work using additional brackets.

We have various tests where the glass can be above this level in certain situations

Larger and fewer panels looks much nicer. Generally we would suggest to aim for a symmetrical design when looking at the glass sizes.

1200-1800mm would be our recommendation as they are manageable to lift/handle and look nice installed.

The glass can be as long as the channel length, however externally this will mean the glass will act as a huge sail taking the force. This can impact the fixings as in storms the load can be massive.

Most balcony areas are graded to allow water to flow off, this is usually between 1-3°.

It is best to fit the channel following the gradient and have the glass shaped at the wall side and where the glass meets the front

If using toughened laminated glass it is best to use a diffuser interlayer. This is essentially a coloured interlayer. There benefit to this is the privacy screen will not become less opaque when it is wet such as with sand blasted glass.

Another option is to have the glass screen printed.

Yes, we are able to provide glass cut to all shapes. It can have drill holes.

We will request detailed drawings.

No. All the glass we provide is toughened. If you try to modify the glass it will break.

Having monolithic (single panel) toughened glass will be the clearest option, however you will need a handrail on the top if you do this.

Toughened laminated glass has an interlayer which causes some loss of clarity although is a much safer glass.

There are options such Low-Iron glass which gives a much clearer glass. This will greatly assist with laminated glass types.

Changing the interlayer on laminate glass also helps, we use a very clear PVB laminate. SentryGlas is an option which is very clear, much stronger and more water resistant than the other interlayer types, it is more expensive though.

Both of these are interlayers. They have pro’s and con’s.

Generally PVB is the cheaper option as it is easier for manufacture/processing.

PVB is not as good as EVA with water resistance and is possible to delaminate after several years.

EVA is not as tolerable to UV and will discolour in sunlight after several years.

The safest way to store glass is using an A-Frame with the glass secured to it. This prevents accidental falls and knocks when loading and un-loading. We recommend keeping the a-frame protected from the weather.

If you aren’t using an A-frame we suggest storing the glass upright on wooden chocks leaning against a solid wall. If there are no packers between the glass, please use cardboard, this stops the glass getting stuck together and scratching.


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