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High Quality Balustrade Systems for a Wide Range of Commercial Applications

In a commercial or public environment, different building regulations apply to the force loading that protective barriers need to meet. This is why commercial balustrade solutions usually stand apart from domestic balustrade products. 

Within the British standard BS 6180:2011, there are two definitions for commercial; light commercial (general public areas) and commercial (any general public area that is susceptible to overcrowding) where the force loading requirement of balustrade is between 0.74kN – 1.5kN and 1.5kN – 3.00kN respectively. 

Pure Vista have designed a range of fit-for-purpose products to meet the varying needs of our commercial clients.

Domestic Balustrades

POSIglaze is domestic to light commercial crossover products that provide up to 1.5kN of force loading protection. These products are inexpensive compared to the heavier commercial-specific variations. They can be used in a wide range of applications, from museums to protect exhibits to windbreaks on restaurant terraces. 

Commercial Balustrades

MEGAgrip is a product aimed predominantly at the commercial market, it follows a similar design principal to POSIglaze in that it uses two-sided adjustment technology and is compatible with glass thicknesses between 25mm – 33mm. Depending on the glass used, 1.5kN to 3.00kN line load resistance can be achieved with MEGAgrip.

While MEGAgrip is more than sufficient for most heavy commercial environments, there are two even stronger Pure Vista balustrade products called BLASTguard and BULLETguard. BLASTguard that is bomb-resistant and BULLETguard that is bulletproof. These systems are both adaptations of MEGAgrip. By applying a converter kit to the MEGAgrip system it generates the additional protection required to meet even more robust standards. These can be applied during or after installation. These systems fall under our anti-terror balustrades.


Common questions about commercial balustrade

Commercial balustrade can be used in a variety of environments, the lower force protection domestic to commercial crossover products (ORIGIN-R and POSIglaze) are suitable for glass partitions and glass staircases that you might find in public buildings and office spaces, as well as for a garden or terrace windbreak in a bar or restaurant, where exposure to high wind isn’t an issue. The higher force loading MEGAgrip is suitable for areas where high winds or crowding may be an additional consideration, for example, coastal bars and restaurants, stadiums, music venues, shopping centers and transport hubs as windbreaksdefined walkwayscrowd control barriers and partition walls.

Glass balustrade building regulations come into play when there is a change in floor level or drop, and they vary according to the specific application. For example, in commercial situations, a balustrade is required to protect against a floor level change of 380 mm. There are further regulations that govern how high the balustrade needs to be relative to the drop that it is protecting against, as well as regulations around the impact force that the balustrade needs to be able to withstand. More information can be found on our building regulations page and on the ‘force loading capabilities’ section of each individual product page.

Our balustrade channels are very affordable, with prices starting from £55 per meter of channel, including the required fixtures and fittings, the glass needs to be bought separately. Our channel-based balustrade systems come in 3-metre lengths (although 1.5 and 6-metre are sometimes available).

Pure Vista has a balustrade product for every commercial scenario, but for a first-time contractor, the options can be daunting. Which is why we have created some quick reference pages to help you choose the right product for your balustrade project. You can take our product-finder questionnaire, which will guide you towards an appropriate balustrade system based on your answers to a few simple questions. Alternatively, you can use our product comparison table as a guide to helping you choose the right product for you. If you’re still not sure, you can contact our friendly and knowledgeable team who are on hand to answer any questions that you have. Please note that Pure Vista does not supply glass however, we may be able to suggest a glass supplier near you, upon request.

Our systems are designed so that anyone with building or glazing experience can follow our step by step guidelines to safely install our balustrade systems. We recommend finding a reputable builder or glazier in your area who can quote for the installation, do point them towards our installers resources webpage that contains all the information that they will need to fulfil the install.


Our commercial-appropriate product range


Fast & easy install

Up to 1.50kN

Uneven surfaces

Lightweight & strong

Fully accredited


Quick & easy to install

Up to 3.00kN

Anti-terror kits

Completely frameless

Fully accredited


Balustrade information tailored to your requirements 


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