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Fire Rated Frameless Glass Balustrades

Wednesday May 10, 2023

Balustrades safe to use 11m and higher according to BS EN13501

We are proud to announce that both our POSIglaze and POSIone have successfully passed the fire testing required for installations on projects over 11-metre-high according to BS EN13501 building regulation. After a great week of product testing in Frankfurt, we are able to confidently say that these Pure Vista balustrade channels are fire rated to A2, S1, D0, EN 13501-1 and have reached the line load of 0.74kN. 

Pure Vista Ltd is the only balustrade manufacturer who has fire tested their full systems. Giving assurance the system is going to be safe. The photos below show the system being tested at an accredited laboratory. Report available on request.

POSIone FR is able to use 1300mm high glass panels and achieve the 0.74kN line load.

How is our testing different to competitors?

Pure Vista partnered with Pyroguard to test both the glass and balustrade in conjunction. Ensuring that the system as a whole surpasses the strict requirements laid out by the UK government. Meaning we tested the channel alongside all the internal components and glass for a complete system test. It was important for us to be able to provide the safest fire-rated system available.

Other systems are solely looking at glass performance.

We also considered how we can keep this product as affordable as possible without needing to compromise on safety. We looked at the glass being used. The 19mm glass variant only just passed the line loading it was too close for comfort when considering difference between real-world and test conditions. We also decided that the 25mm would be too expensive for the majority of budgets. Therefore, the 23mm gave us a great balance of strength with cost effectiveness and more importantly, safety on both elements of line loading and fire safety.


What makes glass balustrade fire rated?

To meet the specified regulation both the glass used, and the balustrade channel must pass the fire testing. Traditional laminate glass has interlayers that are combustible, a different type of glass must be used. Pyroguard have developed a type of laminate glass which can pass the testing and is the safest option to use. This is the glass we will be recommending with our balustrade for projects which must meet this standard.
These 3 images show the testing process on POSIglaze base-fix balustrade. Before, during and after the test.

As you can see from these images, the channel, handrail, and glass frame has held the glass securely throughout a blaze. Even though the glass has broken from the intense heat/cooling, it has not exploded but remained contained. The channel has held strong and only shows signs of burning.

Both POSIglaze and POSIone have now passed testing to achieve the fire rating of A2, S1, D0, EN 13501-1 with line loading of 0.74kN.

If you wish to read the Fire Test reports in full please click here.

Glass Balustrade for high rise buildings

POSIone is installed and adjusted on the safe side of the glass meaning any replacements can be easily carried out. Enabling a safer installation on projects with glass balustrade, including over 11 metres high. The newest product to join the world-renowned Pure Vista range of frameless glass balustrades can be used at this height due to the testing it has successfully passed.

Our testing has gone above and beyond the necessary requirements to improve the safety for homeowners. Our priority is to make the best product for our customers, even if that means higher investment in research, development, and testing.

In the end – you get the very best we can provide!

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To purchase the fire-rated products you will need to discuss requirements with our technical and sales team. They can provide design services and quotes.

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