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Complimenting Contemporary Architecture with Beautiful Balustrade

Friday October 11, 2019

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‘Contemporary architecture’ is a term often used interchangeably with ‘modern architecture’, although in real terms these are two very different things. Modern architecture refers to a period in history around 1920-1960, an architectural movement that celebrated functionalism and minimalism, the rejection of ornament. Contemporary architecture on the other hand, is very much about embracing the evolutionary and every changing trends in building design, taking into account modern lifestyles, the availability of new materials, construction techniques and environmental considerations.

Today, contemporary architecture has to address our densifying population, which often involves creating space-efficient dwellings within confined plots; with outside space, plenty of natural light and complete privacy. Modular construction and prefabricated homes are defining features of contemporary architecture, since they facilitate speedy and cost-efficient construction. Balconies create additional outside space whilst skylights and glass privacy screening inside and out allow light to pass through the building without making it feel like a ‘goldfish bowl’. Segmented open plan spaces are another trend within contemporary architecture, maximizing the use of interior space while letting the building to flow in a way that enhances modern-day living.

These architectural trends can be complimented with the use of a monochromatic colour palette which visually tricks the eye, giving the impression of negative space to make a building appear larger, or enhance a modular design where starkly contrasting shades produce a confident visual statement.


contemporary balustrade

In keeping with contemporary architectural trends, the use of frameless glass balustrade on contemporary structures is prominent. Glass as a material meets the needs of contemporary architecture in multiple ways, providing privacy screening that allows light to penetrate both internally and externally – and with modern glass strengthening techniques and technologically advanced balustrade systems, these practical and beautiful architectural elements also serve as safety features. In fact, in most areas glass balustrade can be installed without posts or handrails and still meet the strictest of building regulations, meaning that the days of compromising on aesthetics to achieve functionality are pretty much over.



Frameless glass balustrade can either compliment, or blend into architectural design. With no posts or handrail glass can serve as an ‘invisible’ safety barrier which is achieved to greatest effect when the balustrade channel is sunken below floor level. Of course, this requires a fully adjustable balustrade system that allows for adjustment of the glass within the channel, which can be difficult to remove to adjust once fitted below floor level, but this is no obstacle today with fully adjustable balustrade systems taking the market by storm.

Alternatively, contemporary buildings today often celebrate the architectural quality of glass features, which are used to enhance the overall design. In these instances, choosing the right glass as well as the right balustrade channel can have a huge impact on the completed aesthetic appeal, with continuity of textures and colours being of paramount consideration.



In 2019 Pure Vista launched the first contemporary black brushed balustrade channel, an innovative alternative to traditional metallic finishes. Black channel is the perfect complement to a monochromatic colour scheme creating complete synergy between the different structural elements of building design.

Black dye is applied to the POSIglaze aluminum channel during the anodising process, which is carried out to 25 microns, marine-grade protection for a long-lasting finish both internally and externally. Pure Vista’s POSIglaze system is one of the most adjustable systems on the market, using patented screw-clamp technology that has a 4-degree adjustment capability on the glass within a fixed channel. Depending on the glass type and configuration, POSIglaze can achieve up to a 1.50kN loading capacity making it suitable for installations across the market spectrum, from domestic to commercial. Find out more or buy the POSIglaze Black Brushed Channel online, by clicking here.

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