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The Spanner Every Installer Needs

POSIglaze has been Pure Vistas’ number one product since its release. The formidable strength, its aesthetic finishes and most importantly, the high adjustability.

Initially, adjustability was a big challenge and was not easy to achieve such good results. Due to angles within the channel, and the operation of the bolt head within the system, there were no suitable tools on the market.

A new spanner was created in the design process of POSIglaze, starting with a gas-heated standard spanner that was bent to the correct angles. Now, we had a working product that met all the necessary requirements of British standards and could be sold to our customers.

This left us with a problem, we are not tool manufacturers, yet a unique spanner was needed. We tried to collaborate with numerous toolmakers, but it was to no avail. Undeterred, we took things into our own hands, creating a unique design for our spanner. And, after five iterations and tweaks, we’ve hit the sweet spot!

Lets go through the evolution…


A franken spanner that was made to operate the initial POSIglaze prototypes and to achieve the correct torque value.

Gen 1.

A simple laser cut, and pressed design made from 316 stainless steel. However, it was quickly noted that in the biggest adjustment settings, the spanner was too thick when the glass was leaning towards it. The gap was too small for the spanner to fit in and reach the bolt.

Gen 2.

Redesigned to address the customer needs. A very similar design to its predecessor, but now a thinner design to give more room within the channel for adjustment. Being sold for years, this spanner had excellent durability. Another issue presented itself from the laser cutting process. The cut was not precise enough and this ended up with chewed up bolt heads, rendering this spanner useless.

Gen 3.

It’s time for a full redesign! New material, new shape and new look. The material went back to steel that was rolled, cut, embossed, hardened, and treated against corrosion. The angled head of the spanner was scrapped and changed to a straight top. This was thought to provide the installer easier access to rotate the bolt.

After a while a fault developed at the cutting stage. A small nib appeared on the ends of the spanner, and they needed to be filed off each one. Obviously, that cannot be achieved on a large batch, the problem needed to be corrected before arriving with us at the Pure vista HQ.

Gen 4.

The Gen 4 spanner took on the appearance of the spanner you will know the best. Going back to the original angled top and thanks to steel alloy, this spanner was thinner than ever before. The tolerances in the cutting process were tightened and the finish was now a dark blued style treatment to prevent corrosion. The spanner had a great life span and could be used for much larger projects. It’s our policy to send a new spanner with each order.

Gen 4.5.

Our shortest lives spanner, the 4.5. It was the same as gen 4 but now included a hole for a torque wrench to be engaged with the spanner. It was quickly found that it was too difficult to fit the torque wrench between the glass and the spanner when the glass was being adjusted one way.

Gen 5.

The final generation! Learning from all our previous mistakes and successes we set about designing a new spanner. This was to join our latest channel POSIone. Ideally, we wanted to be able to use one spanner for both POSIglaze and POSIone systems. Both channels use our patented clamp bar technology but in slightly different ways.

The material is the same as the Gen 4 to keep the adjustment and space, but we reverted back to a straight open end but reduced the operating area of the spanner to allow it to be inserted at an angle to give more rotation of the bolt. A hook end has been applied to allow for easier removal of posi-one pads and Posi-glaze beads among other things like bottled beer lids after a successful installation!

Written by Adam Oakes – Director. March 2024.


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