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About Us

Pure Vista is a family owned company, established in 2006. After extensive research, it became apparent that there were significant design flaws within the methodology surrounding existing glass balustrade systems.

The first product to be launched in 2007 was Origin-Grip. The Origin-Grip System is based upon a simple methodology and like similar competitor products it uses a sliding wedge system inside a channel to secure glass into position.

After the development of Origin-Grip, it became evident that although extremely effective for higher load capacity in commercial balustrade specifications there were issues within glass manufacturing that meant the glass was not always straight. Our investigations concluded that a new product was required to get over the issues presented by glass manufacturing tolerances speeding installation times up.

In 2012 Pure Vista developed and launched the Posi-Glaze System.

Posi-Glaze was quick to impress! Competitively priced and fast and efficient to install, compared to competitor products. Every detail of this system had been precision designed, guaranteeing the most comprehensive installation.

Initially Pure Vista marketed solely to the UK, through distribution channels and direct to customers. Due to our excellent customer service and products, the company has shown significant growth and we now export our products globally.

We are rapidly becoming the market leader in balustrade systems and have partner distributors in; New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and Iceland.
Our vision is to continue to develop products through elegant design and to lead through innovation.